Estabilizadores para sartas de perforación con By pass (igualadores de presión).

MaxStab is a simple, reliable, mechanical tool that operates automatically when required. It only works when you really need it, preventing a hazardous situation becoming a major problem.

MaxStabs’ bespoke manufacturing allows customer specific requirements to be met. All of our tools conform to the highest manufacturing and design standards, ensuring we deliver consistent, high quality products and services to all our customers.

Our fully customizable tools and proprietary software ensure that MaxStab is optimized for the specific requirements of our customers’ well.

“The unique MaxStab design consists of pressure
compensated f low paths
that connect through the body
of the stabiliser”.

MaxStab Operation

How does it work?

The unique MaxStab design consists of pressure compensated f low paths that connect through the body of the stabiliser. These flow paths ensure no loss of structural integrity and no connection to tool ID, thus ensuring no risk to well control. Cover plates retain burst discs that protect the f low paths until required. The tool activates on the differential pressure created across its length when a pack off occurs.

Pack off events occur for a variety of reasons, the most common being either ineffective hole cleaning or wellbore stability issues. Unconsolidated, reactive, mobile, tectonically stressed and fractured formations all increase the risk of pack off events.

When the well packs off there is a sudden loss in the ability to circulate causing the pump pressure to rapidly increase. If remedial action is not taken immediately the drill string becomes stuck. The pack off forms a seal hydraulically locking the drill string. This pressure build up can fracture the formation inducing losses and creating potential well control issues. The drill string will remain stuck until the trapped pressure is relieved.

Tool Operation Sequence

1. MaxStab functions as a stabiliser. The burst disc remain closed and f low paths are inactive.

2. When a pack off event occurs it acts as a seal and the drill string becomes hydraulically locked.

3. Pressure is trapped below the pack off and circulation is not possible. The drill string is stuck. There is a risk of formation fracturing and well control incidents. Jarring is ineffective.

4. When the burst disc pressure threshold is exceeded the f low paths become active, releasing trapped pressure and overcoming hydraulic locking.

5. No longer hydraulically locked the drill string can be moved allowing remedial action to clean up the pack off.

6. Normal operations can continue. MaxStab continues as stabilser with enhanced
f luid bypass. 
f derivación LUID.

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